Beautiful, healthy, laid back, social, loving, everything we've been breeding for the last 30 years. Our pups want to be with you, go to the farm supply store, watch a movie, play in the yard, hike a trail, help with chores... our bloodlines are in most states, Canada and even one in Japan. We have cats, small grandchildren, tiny dogs, free range chickens, horses and cattle, so a responsive, easy-going demeanor is mandatory.On our office visits, the Veterinarians always comment on how they wish more animals were as well behaved and calm as ours!!! Pups are usually mid-content, Embark DNA of parents will come with each pup, along with health Certificate from vet , shot record, deworming as age appropriate. Parents are Arctic primarily, white or light phase, mom has silky fox-like fur. To a good, forever home, but extreme containment not necessary due to temperament. For their safety they are allowed to run free while we are out with them, otherwise they are in the house or the kennels.